Tamagotchi Colledge

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Konami Attame Labo Egg Guide1


The unit is egg-shaped and comes in three pearlescent colours – yellow, pink and blue.
The screen is inside the unit, so it must be viewed by looking into the hole in the top. The screen lights up during use, making it easy to see.
There are three buttons below the viewing hole. The right button (A) scrolls through the icons and menus, the middle button (B) selects the icons and menus, and the left button (C) cancels actions and returns to previous options.
On the back of the unit is a connection point so Labo Eggs can communicate with each other, and also a reset button.
On the underside of the unit is a sensor to detect when the unit is being held.
There are two holes in the top of the unit to attach a lanyard or charm.


The aim is to raise animals and create DNA to mutate them into other animals.
DNA is created by mixing attribute items (see below), which can be bought with immunity points won by playing games.
When an animal is old enough – they become adults at three days old – this DNA can be used to change their form.
Animals stay until they are eight days old; at which point their image is recorded in the album (see below) and you start again with a new animal. You keep all of your items and DNA.
There are five groups of animals:
                     Insects                        Amphibians & Reptiles                             Birds                                  Furry Mammals2                              Humans
Within each of these five animal types there are ten different DNA “sequences” to discover, each of which corresponds to an animal, making fifty types of DNA in total.
DNA is made from mixing attribute items, which can be bought with points gained during gameplay. There are five attribute items to coincide with the five animal types:
                        Leaf                                      Webbed Foot                                  Feather                                           Bone                                                 Eye
                    (insects)                      (amphibians & reptiles)                          (birds)                                 (furry mammals)                              (humans)      
The manual shows five special items that can be gained under certain conditions:                   
             Shooting Star                                  Bullet                                            Bonsai                                          Fireball                                           Arrow
Other special items include a universal seed which I got by pressing the A button several times to prompt a random animation (see the miscellaneous section below):
                                                                                                                                          Universal Seed
Up to three of each type of attribute item can be combined at once to create DNA. One special item can also be added to this combination to produce more complex DNA. You can only have one of each special item at a time.

Getting Started

After pulling the tab out or inserting the batteries, press the reset button. You will be prompted to set the time, using the A button to change the hours/minutes, and B to select. The date is set next, in the same manner, followed by your name and then your birthday. English letters are available to use but require you to scroll through all of the Japanese ones first.
You will be greeted by a baby! You are immediately given DNA which can transform the baby into a child belonging to one of the animal types given above. Holding the unit fills the flask, which determines which animal you get.
I've tested and listed the outcomes in the 'Which Animal Will I Get?' section below.
Once transformed, your animal is one day old. The next morning the process will happen again, although now holding the egg just fills the flask quicker and doesn't affect the outcome. Your animal will now be a two day old teen and you can decide their gender. The next morning it will transform into a three day old adult the same way and you can name it.

All of the growth sequences are shown below. 
Which Animal Will I Get?

* If you don't hold the egg at all, after one minute you'll get an insect.

* If you hold the egg for one minute, one minute later you'll get an insect.

* If you hold the egg for two minutes, one minute later you'll get an amphibian.

* If you hold the egg for three minutes, one minute later you'll get a bird.

* If you hold the egg for four minutes, one minute later you'll get a furry mammal.

* If you hold the egg for five minutes you'll get a human.​

Konami Attame Labo Egg

Icon Explanation

To start, press B, then A is used to scroll through the icons and B to select them. Going from left to right the icons are: games, DNA creation and use, connection, status, album and options.

        Games & Cleaning

The first option is games, of which there are two: repeat the sequence and slots.

Repeat the Sequence

Your animal will perform a sequence of movements – facing left, facing right and looking forward. Your job is to repeat the sequence by pressing the corresponding button.
If you repeat the sequence incorrectly you will be allowed to try again.
Repeating a sequence correctly rewards you with points and takes you to the next round.
There are five rounds and the number of movements increases with each round. The number of points gained also increases with each round – you get three points for clearing round one, five points for clearing round two, seven points for clearing round three, nine points for clearing round four and twelve points for clearing round five. You will also receive the bullet special item.


Three reels spin, and you press the corresponding button to stop them.
You win points for matching symbols – matching three ducks wins you three points, matching hearts wins four points, and matching flowers wins five points.  If you match the three sections of an image of Dr. Eguchi you win ten points and possibly the bonsai special item (this seems to be random).


The second option is cleaning, this can only be selected when it is needed.
When you see black around the edge of the screen, you need to clean it away. Select this option and you will be prompted to tap the bottom of the unit onto the palm of your hand.  While tapping you will hear beeping to indicate this is working.
If you are successful, the screen will be clean, if not you can try again.

The screen becomes dirty as a result of missing a call for attention when your animal is sad, see the Miscellaneous section below.

         DNA Creation & Mutation

This icon has two options, the first relates to DNA creation, the second to mutation.

DNA Creation

There are two options here.
The highlighted option allows you to buy the attribute items needed to create DNA. Attribute items cost 3 points each. You can have up to 99 of each attribute item. You cannot buy special items.
The other option allows you to mix attribute items. You can mix up to three of each attribute item, and you can also add a special item.
Different combinations of items produce different DNA sequences. If you find a successful combination you will create DNA, although it cannot be used or even viewed until your animal is three days old.


This option can only be selected when your animal is an adult, at three days old.
The DNA is divided into the same five categories as the animal types, and there are ten different DNA sequences to discover within each category, making fifty DNA sequences in total. The first DNA sequence in each category is available from the start, and they correspond to the adult animals obtainable through normal play (i.e. without mutation).
Any type of DNA can be used on any type of animal, e.g. bird DNA can be used on an insect, turning a butterfly into a crow, chicken, etc.
You can mutate your animal numerous times. DNA sequences are not used up, they are permanent items (once you have discovered them!).


Two Labo Eggs can communicate via the connection point on the back of the unit once they are two days old.
When connecting, you must select 'give' on one unit, and 'receive' on the other.

There are two games, neither of which I fully understand (one game is who can tap the unit most in a given time), but one unit will win the game, the other will lose. The winner receives points. I've never received an item doing this, but maybe I'm just unlucky?


There are two options - belongings and profile - each of which lead to further options:
Belongings → immunity points
                         → attribute items (select to view items)
                         → special items (select to view items)
Profile → age, name and gender3 of your animal
               → your name and birthday
               → breeder level (out of five hearts)
               → care level (out of five stars)
The purpose of the breeder and care levels are unclear at the moment. I received two care stars throughout the life of my first animal, I think at six and seven days old, and a breeder heart when my animal left me at eight days old.


There are two options.
The first shows the animals you have previously raised, the second shows the animals you have connected with.
In each option only the last ten animals are shown.


Selecting this icon brings up the time and date screen.
Pressing A takes you to the sound option, where you can switch the sound off and on. 
Pressing A again allows you to change the time and date.


When your animal beeps at you and this sad face is shown              press B and hold the unit to warm it. If you are successful your animal will be happy, if not it will be sad. Making your animal happy in this way awards you three points and sometimes a shooting star special item. Your animal will only do this on the hour - but not every hour, it appears to be random. If you don't see to your animal within five minutes, the screen becomes dirty and will need to be cleaned. If this happens four times without you cleaning the screen, the screen becomes black and you restart with a new baby.
Pressing A when no icons are lit causes either a happy, angry or nonplussed reaction from your animal. This feature appears to be random but can award you with a universal seed special item.

When your animal is asleep you cannot select any options.
After changing the batteries, two options will appear on screen (see photo below). The top option is to download (to continue where you left off) and the bottom option is to reset (to start afresh). The time will revert to 12.00 and needs to be set via the options menu. These two options also appear when the batteries are running out.


This guide has been made by me using a combination of translations (sometimes vague or nonsensical!) of the official instruction manual and my own experience. It is a work in progress and will be updated as I discover new things.
To differentiate from humans, which are non-furry mammals.

 Your animal will not have an assigned gender until it is two days old, or a name until it is three days old.