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Love Chu 2 Instructions


As I write this, no English guide exists for the Love Chu 2. If you want something doing... As this pet is Japanese, I have had to translate some words into English; these translations have been made using a mixture of Google Translate and an understanding of what the word/function relates to on the pet. They may not be 100% accurate but they serve their purpose! 

There is a Love Chu 2 and an original Love Chu. This guide is about the Love Chu 2 only, however if you have an original Love Chu this guide may still be useful.

The Love Chu 2's buttons function the same as most electronic pets - the first (A) button scrolls through the icons and options, the second (B) button confirms the selection, and the third (C) button cancels. After inserting batteries (3 AG13s) or removing the tab, press the reset button on the back of the unit. Set the time by pressing A to change the hours, and B to change the minutes. Press C when done. The egg will hatch in 2 minutes.

For the various growth stages, see my Growth Chart page

When no icons are selected, use C to scroll through the time, then the sound settings - pressing A here toggles the sound on or off.

When no icons are selected, press B to check your Love Chu's stats:
* mood (represented by a face) and attractiveness (represented by a heart and number)
* energy (the Japanese word here is 'genki')
* appearance (the Japanese word here is 'oshare')
* age (next to the star) and connectibility (next to the heart and arrow)
* treasure (it will initially say 'otakara nashi' = no treasure)


There are three moods:  

Ignoring your Love Chu will lower his mood. If you ignore him too much he will sulk in bed, and you'll need to talk to him               (see icon explanation) a number of times to get him up. "How many times?" I hear you ask. It varies from once to... about 30. Seriously.

                                                                                                                                                                      Sulky Love Chu


Attractiveness increases by eating certain foods (how I wish that was true in real life), bathing, playing and by finding certain treasures. Attractiveness does not decrease over time, however finding certain treasures can lower it.


Energy is needed to play the game. Energy drops when playing the game, and refills over time. Energy can also be recovered by eating a certain food.


Appearance decreases over time (how like life), but can be refilled by having a bath.


Your Love Chu ages by one every day. I'm assuming the age is in years, like most electronic pets, so this is how I will refer to it.


NO means your Love Chu cannot connect to another Love Chu.
GO means your Love Chu can connect to another Love Chu.

(See below for connecting instructions)

Icon Explanation


As mentioned above, you select this when your Love Chu goes into a sulk.

Occasionally your Love Chu will go for a walk, select this icon to recall him:

When your Love Chu wants some attention, he will stand in the middle of the screen and shout at you. Select this icon to talk to him.


Your Love Chu will perform a series of movements to the left and right, you need to mimic these movements using the A (for left) and B (for right) buttons. There are three rounds, and the number of movements increases with each round. Press C to escape the game.

Playing the game uses energy, when your energy meter is empty you cannot play.


          restores all of your Love Chu's energy

          increases your Love Chu's attractiveness by one

          your Love Chu will sometimes eat this when refusing all other foods

          sometimes sends your Love Chu to sleep for a while

There is no meter indicating your Love Chu's hunger level, however you cannot select the food icon when your Love Chu is completely full. 


Bathing fully restores your Love Chu's appearance and increases the attractiveness by one.
Your Love Chu will refuse to bathe if his appearance meter is full.


You don't even need to read this bit, right? However there is a slight difference to the norm - you don't clean your Love Chu's poop up, you basically hand him a brush and get him to do it!


Occasionally your Love Chu will find treasure during a walk, and it will appear both here and in the stats. You can only hold one item of treasure at a time and you cannot use the item via this icon as there are only two options:                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             THROW AWAY
I'll discuss treasure further at the end.                                                                                                                                                         KEEP


Select this icon when your Love Chu is ill in bed:


Select this icon to connect two Love Chus, for more info see the matchmaking section below.

Additional Information

The communication, food and medicine icons will flash when the relevant action is urgently required.

Your Love Chu will go to sleep and wake up by itself.


The Love Chu 2 can only connect to another Love Chu 2, it is not compatable with the original Love Chu.

When your Love Chu is old enough to connect, the connection icon will flash and you will see GO in the stat screen by the heart and arrow. Different adult Love Chus are considered old enough to connect at different ages, but it is usually around five to seven years old.

You can only make one matchmaking attempt a day.

Scroll to the connection icon and press B on both Love Chus and join the two together via the ports at the top of the units. Next press B on one Love Chu only - this is a proposal, if both Love Chus propose to each other the attempt will fail (but in this case you can try again). When one Love Chu proposes, there is a pause as the matchmaking decision is made, shown by this heart:

A successful match is announced by a full heart:

A failed match is announced by an empty heart:  

It is unclear what affects the matchmaking decision. I've had two Love Chus with full stats refuse to "get it on" for several days in a row, while others are half dead with neglect and haven't battered an eyelid. I've also had mis-matched Love Chus - one with high attractiveness in a good mood, one with low attractiveness in a bad mood - connect successfully at the first attempt. If you repeatedly get the failed match result, just try again the next day but maybe make the other Love Chu propose instead.

After a sucessful match, each Love Chu will pop out an egg then leave. After a failed match, both Love Chus will sigh then get on with life!


Information on the various treasure items are scarse, so I'll add to this section as more info (and images) become available.

          raises attractiveness by 10 when found

          lowers attractiveness by 10 when found


BUG lowers attractiveness by 20 when found

​          raises attractiveness by 20 when found

If you throw an item away, your Love Chu will be so angry that his mood will drop. However as you can only hold one item at a time, sometimes it is necessary to do so.