Tamagotchi Colledge

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Love Chu 2 Growth Chart

                     Love Chu 2 growth chart in the instructions                                                              Love Chu 2 growth chart in a guidebook1

The egg takes two minutes to hatch. It appears that you can only get the white egg during your first run, afterwards it seems to be random which egg you will get. 

The next stage, which I'll call the child stage, lasts about two or three hours. During this time, your Love Chu will be very needy and may sleep for an hour or two.

When your Love Chu becomes a teen, he will age one year. He will be a teen for two days, growing into an adult at 3 years old.

It is unclear what affects the Love Chu's growth into an adult. Below is my own chart2:

Image kindly provided by Bunnytch on Tumblr.
2 All sprites have been made by me.