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     Takara Pocket Breeder Horse Guide


With the Pocket Breeder you raise and train a horse, enter it into races and then breed the next generation.

There are four buttons, from left to right they are: scroll left, enter, exit,  scroll right.

When you start up the Pocket Breeder you will see a mare running about on screen. Press the enter button and then set the clock by using the arrow and enter buttons.

Now you need to pick a mate for the mare by scrolling left or right, and pressing enter to select one of the ten options. Each mate has his own characteristics which will determine the character of the resulting foal, you can see these after pressing enter by scrolling left or right. When you're happy with your choice, press enter again and you will be given the price of this stallion (or for his "services"). Press the exit button to pick a different horse, or press enter to choose this one. 

Once you pick a mate, the horses will meet, and a heart will appear on screen. The stallion disappears (typical) and you watch as the mare eats, growing more and more pregnant. After five minutes the foal is born.

Until your horse reaches three years old (this takes one hour) you can only select the icons along the top of the screen - status, food, toilet and grooming.


The first time you select the status icon you are prompted to enter a name for your foal.

The first screen is your horse's name. Pressing the enter button takes you to the next screen. 

The second screen shows your horse's age, gender and weight.

The third screen shows your horse's points, the game's currency. The aim is to increase these points to 9999. 

The fourth screen shows two options: physical condition and personality. Select one with the arrow buttons.

The physical condition option has three screens: hunger, cleanliness and strength. Each screen has a bar which you need to fill.

The personality option also has three screens displaying your horse's characteristics, including quality and bloodline. This section has been difficult for me to translate, so no more information is available at the moment.

To summarise:

     Age, gender, weight


Physical condition                  Personality

      Hunger                                   Quality

    Cleanliness                            Bloodline

    Strength                               Target(?)​​


There are three food options:

Hay = 0P

Carrot = 2P

Apple = 5P

Hay does not cost any points, but it does not fill your horse's strength. Apples are the most expensive food option but they fill your horse's strength stat the most. Carrots are a middle option, they fill your horse's strength a bit.  Strength is needed to train and run races.

It takes five meals to completely fill the hunger bar.


Pretty self-explanatory. When the horse poops, select this and a stable boy dances across the screen clears away the mess.


Use this icon to groom your horse and fill the cleanliness bar.

You can groom your horse as often as you want, even if the cleanliness bar is full.

Training (after 3 years old)

The first time you select this option you are presented with a choice of stable A, B or C.

Stable A: Trains your horse with modern facilities, the best training option.
                     Initial payment of 100P, each training session costs 30P.

Stable B: Trains your horse with normal facilities, the average training option.
                     Initial payment of 70P, each training session costs 20P

Stable C: Trains your horse with old facilities, the worst training option.
                     Initial payment of 50P, each training session costs 10P

Once you choose a stable you cannot change it for the rest of your horse's life.

The better the stable, the less chance your horse has of hurting itself during training.

After the first time, selecting this icon brings up the training options. The cost of the training session is displayed, then you choose a slow (triangle), medium (circle) or fast (circle with dot) training session. The faster the session, the greater the chance of your horse being injured. Start off slow, and gradually increase the speed. Training uses strength, which can be replenished with food.

Racing (after 3 years old)

There are two types of race.

Anytime race: as the name suggests, this race can be run as many times through the day as you wish. 

G race: can only be run once a day. The G races available change each season (day).

After you select a race, the cost of entering is displayed, followed by the prize if you win.

If you proceed, the race starts. Racing uses your horse's strength, which can be replenished with food.

There is a chance your horse will be injured after racing.

Medicine (after 3 years old)

Illness (black cross)

There are two options:

Medicine (5P) - treats mild diseases.

Vet (15P) - treats most diseases.

The first option may not heal your horse the first time.

Injury (exclamation mark)

There are three options:

Injection (30P) - treats minor injury, takes one hour.

Grazing (50P) - treats normal injuries, takes two hours.

Hot spring (100P) - treats most injuries, take three hours. 

Injuries are ranked A - C, with C being the most severe.  The more severely injured your horse is, the more likely it is that the cheaper options will not heal it.

You cannot interact with your horse while it is being treated.

Sleep (after 3 years old)

Your horse falls asleep at 10pm.

Selecting this icon calls the stable boy, who dances across the screen leads your horse into its stable for the night.


* Keep a close eye on your horse's weight, don't let it increase or decrease too much.

* If your points fall below 30, you lose and have to start again.

* If your horse reaches 9 years old (about 24 days), you lose and have to start again.

* The aim is to accumulate 9999P, once this happens you select a horse to breed with and begin the next generation.